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Patriots vs. Loyalists Debate ?

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Patriots vs. Loyalists Debate ?

We have a debate tomorrow, I need advice & help for each points that I am going to list. I'm going to be a patriot, so i'm stating the Loyalist points that I have to show disagreement with.

1. We must reconcile with Great Britain and quickly end the war that has just begun. It is not worth risking the valuable blessing of property, liberty and life to the single chance of war, especially a civil war, which is the worst king of war.

2. The colonies owe England a great debt, for it is because of England that the American colonies are about the best place in the world to live.

3. The colonies owe England a great debt for defeating the French in the French & Indian War.

4. The colonists can't possibly win a war against Great Britain : the weakness of the colonies is almost comical.

5. There is no way the French or Spanish monarchs will come to the aid of the American colonies because it will only inspire their own people in France and Spain to rise up agaisnt them.

6. Reconciliation on generous principles with Great Britain is our true and only road to permanent happiness.

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