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Progressive era DBQ DESPERATE!

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Progressive era DBQ DESPERATE!

i'm supposed to write a DBQ in class tomorrow but i have no idea what the DBQ is asking for.... i need some understanding...
the question is
"evaluate the effectiveness of progressive era reformers and the federal government in bringing about reform at the national level. in your answer, be sure to analyze the successes and limitations of these efforts in the period 1900-1920"
i have trouble with the intro paragraph and i dont know what my thesis should be.... I DONT UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION IT SELF!!!!! somebody please help me!!!! i'm desperate... T_T
BTW this is 2003 DBQ form B....

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I have the same essay, but it's out of class and due tomorrow. I would like a little help, but if that doesn't happen at least someone will hear what I think.

The Progressive Era reformers and the government were fairly successful in bringing about reform on a federal level between 1900 and 1920. However, there were inevitable negative effects that occurred due to the Progressive movement, and there were people who opposed it altogether.

Then use Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, women's reform groups, conservation efforts, food and drug acts, child and female labor laws to say there were successes.

Large-scale organized crime that became part of US society after Prohibition and other reforms that people didn't believe in, unpopularity of sedition acts that allowed progressives to lash out at passivists and other minorities that opposed the war, and in general people who didn't believe that passing laws would change society all show the limitations of progressivism.

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Well, this is my thesis:

In the period of 1900-1920 these efforts had both successes and limitations--economically due to trust busting and a war against monopolies, socially pertaining to bureaus created to fight social injustice along with improvement within factories, and politically in terms of “referendum” and “recall”.

Maybe that helps? I also figured maybe you could tell me what you think of it. Anyone who wants to comment on my thesis with constructive criticism, even if it's heavy on the criticism, is welcome to.

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When you talk about politics in your thesis, you can be more general by saying adding more direct demcracy. That way, you can add in things like the secret ballot, initative, direct election of senators, and the attempt to limit campaign contributions.

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