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Pueblo revolt

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Pueblo revolt

i was told to make a time line and i cant find where the puelbo revolt is. i cant even fine it in the index.

i just need to know when and what it is??
please and thank you!

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Ok, I think Pueblo's Revolt was the same thing as Pope's (with the little accent mark over the 'e') Rebellion. It says in my history book that "the Spanish settlers in New Mexico were trying to convert the people there and that the Roman Catholic mission became the central institution in colonial New Mexico until the missionaries' efforts to suppress native religious customs provoked an Indian uprising called Pope's Rebellion in 1680. The Pueblo rebels destroyed every Catholic church in the province and killed a score of priests and hundred of Spanish settlers." That's coming directly from my APUSH book The American Pageant 12th edition on pg. 22. Hope that helps! And good luck on your AP exam! :)

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