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Rationale's On diff. topics

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Rationale's On diff. topics

Why did the british set the sugar act?
Colonists reacted to this by the boycotts, why did the colonists react this way?

Why did the british set the proclamation of 1763?
The colonists had resentment and failure to comply, why did they react this way?

Why did the british set Lexington and concord?
The colonists reaction was Paine's "Common Sense", why did they react this way?

Why did the british have intolerable acts?
The colonists reaction was boycott and convening first continental congress, why'd they do this?

Why did the bitish have the tea act?
Colonists protested and had the boston tea party and boycotted, why'd they do this?

Why did the british set townshend duties?
Colonists boycotted petitioned and had newspaper attack, why?

WHy did british repeal stamp act and passage of declaratory act?
Colonists rejoiced over repeal and ignored declaratory act, why?

why did britsh set the quartering act?
colonists protested in assemblies, why?

why did british set stamp act?
colonists pretitioned boycotted and had violence, why?

why did the british set the currency act?
colonists smoldering resentment,why?

Thanks y'all i reallly need help!!

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Joined: Aug 2005

personally, i think you should try a bit, then maybe ask us if you are right

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Joined: Aug 2005

well SORRY for just trying to check my answers but wtf how do have the fuckin nearve to think i wouldnt do my damn work!!! i dont fuckin trust yalls replies anyways i was just trying to compare my answers. not like YOUR einstein, huh, right? Whateva close minded ass fuck it...How dare you question if i did the work! I take that as an insult mr. "i always do my work before i ask" whatever this is childish but next time please have manners if you dont, dont say anything at all, just keep your mouth shut. nobody wants to hear your "personallys" no one cares what you "PERSONALLY" think...you can stick your personally up your ass now. ( =

Bless those in Houston, B Safe from this weather!! P.s. you AP teachers want you to email the work in. LOL

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Joined: Aug 2005

well, as you can see i didn't know that you did it, maybe you should have put your answers in there. And if you wanna talk AIM me, don't curse in the board..!!!

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Joined: Sep 2005

kayloogle: How do you expect to ever get any help from anyone with the attitude you have?

PcMan had no way of knowing if you had done it already or if you just wanted someone to answer all of them for you. As he said, you should try posting what you thought were the right answers then someone can tell you if you have any mistakes.

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Joined: Aug 2005

well i dont have an attitude the only reason i may have brought one out was because i was being accused of a false acusation and it was something that i take to heart, doing my own work. well i really don't care about the assignment as of now since i need to pack for the evacuations so please don't bother... the subjects dropped i'd rather be accused of something like that than having to worry about if i will have a home when i come back and everyone's safety.

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