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Similarities between Andrew Jackson&Thomas Jefferson

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Similarities between Andrew Jackson&Thomas Jefferson

I am doing an FRQ. I was wondering if someone could just outline the similarities between Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson. I'm a little confused on the outlining part, but other than that, once I have the information, I'm good to go. i couldn't find much information in my book.

The question for the FRQ is based on how Andrew Jackson followed the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson, in regards to individual rights, states rights, and economic development.

Thank you sooo much in advance.

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outlining? Well... I don't remember anything from there, but i found this site that's helpful.


capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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We were talking about that today in class but this would be a very rough outline.
- They both supported commoners/farmers (Jefferson wanted an agrarian society and Jackson represented the views of the common man)
- Against the National Bank (Jefferson said it was unconstitutional, Jackson didn't renew the charter and removed funds to "pet banks".)
- I think they were both pro states rights though it's a little confusing since Jackson himself expanded the power of the executive branch. However both of them tended to side with states rights versus federal ones, unless it was of the executive branch.
- I don't think they were that similar in economic development since Jefferson imposed the Embargo Act but Jackson was wanted to improve the economy in fact he was quite thrifty reducing the nation's debt but increasing the tariffs.

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Awesome- thanks for helping out guys and posting this for the original poster. Its good to see these kind of posts :)

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