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Slavery Essay

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Slavery Essay

i need help to get started on this essay. i need help on which points to touch on
"the attitude of the South concerning slavery remained constant from ealry colonial days to the beginning of the Civil War, whereas the attitude of the North underwent various alterations"

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My history teacher said that the people that were por- slavery argued this points
1. it is supported by the Bible- according to them
2.Raises the blacka out of barbarianism
3. There was a good master-slave relationship
4. Slaves get better treatment than the Northern immigrants
5. Slaves did not have to suffer from unemployment
you can talk about these points and say why they can be disproved very easily, and that the South did not have a good argruement

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mention sambo!

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Remember that the North wanted to save the Union more than it wanted to free slaves; well at least Lincoln did. That's why Emancipation Proclamation was intended only for the seceded southern states, not the North or the Border States with slavery. Lincoln feared that by preventing slavery in the Border states, these states would join the south, so he allowed them to keep slavery as long as they supported the Union.

After the Proclamation, abolitionists in North cheered because now the war was being fought over slavery. All politicians seems to change what they previously said...i.e. Lincoln stated that Civil War was to save the Union, then changed that it was being fought to free the slaves. Also, it became the "moral objective" of the north. After all, in every war, there is a "moral" reason why there is a conflict.

Don't forget:

North liked the slaves as a race, not as an individual and South was the exact opposite of that...

Hope this helped :D :D :D!

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