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Someone Please Help Me

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Someone Please Help Me

i have a DBQ due tomorro and i havent written anything yet .. i have no i dea how to answer this question.. does anyone have an essay for this DBQ that i caould read as an example or can someone at least tell me what im suppose to write about :confused:

The Untied States decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was a diplomatic measure calculated to intimidate the Soviet Union in the post-Second-World-War era rather then a strictly military measure designed to force Japan's unconditional suuender.
Evaluate this statement using the documents and your knowlede of the military and diplomatic histor of the years 1939 through 1947.

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Well, I have no real advice for the documents, but here's some general information, if you'd like. I do know that General Groves, the military head of the Los Alamos project to build an atomic bomb, was very set on dropping the bomb, though his advisers often came to him to remind him of possible SOviet intimidation. From what I know, it was viewd as a negative thing, and intimidating the Soviet Union was generally a bad idea. Who wouldn't agree? Their manpower was riduclous. And they did get into space before us and bourhgt us to a near- nuclear holocaust. Use events after Hiroshima to provide proof of your statement. Use what really happened after Hiroshima to provide backup for your theory on how Soviet relations were meant to occur. I hope I helped some!

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thx. it helped me quite a lot i think. but hopefully i can apply them

hehe my DBQ is due tmr XP
thx again

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