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The "Cross of Gold Speech"

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The "Cross of Gold Speech"

Hey guys...i need help ASAP...have any of you guys read the "Cross of Gold Speech" by William Jennings Bryan?...or atleast familiar with it?
Well I have an assignment that is due, and it involves breaking down the speach using the "APPARTY" method...A: author P: place P: previous KNowledge A: audience R: reason to write T: the main idea Y: significance

I need help mostly with this one question: In what ways did Bryan's speech alienate urban voters? Why did this matter?

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Hmm... I remember learning something about this vaguely. I haven't actually read his speech though. Wasn't Bryan a supporter of a gold standard?

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I don't remember "Cross of Gold" speech but I'll look around and see what I can do. When is the assignment due?

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Hey you said ASAP a while ago, but if you still need it say something b/c i could give it a shot (don't get your hopes up... I'm not that good)

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I read part of this for a DBQ a while ago. He was saying how if all the cities got burned to the ground, they would all spring back up because of the farms. Then, he said a lot about rising up to fight them or something. It's near the end...

Here's the text http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Cross_of_Gold_Speech

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