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the great awakening

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the great awakening

im doing a paragraph for the great awakening in relation to free will doctrines, but i dont really know where to start. if anyone can help me that would be great.
and id also like to know if the great awakening made religion more political, cause i read that preachers changed religious views in order to convert people. it just sounded kind of political to me

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If youre using the American Pageant books - chapter 5 has info on the Great Awakening - i'm not so sure that it made religion more political - i think preachers were finally becoming more modern and realized what the people wanted to hear and how they wanted things done in the church and that brought in more people to convert

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Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield. I wrote a paper that argued that the great awakening was influential in the founding of many colleges, many of which are Ivy Leagues today. Each college was formed with its own religious beliefs and wanted to indoctrinate the young men that attended their college with their beliefs, which could probably indirectly change some sort of politics.

Not exactly sure what you were asking there, or if it answered your question. That is probably too long of an idea to run with in one paragraph. What do you mean by free-will doctrines??

I probably just made a fool out of myself. hehe

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use the index

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