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The Great Awakening: Impact on colonial society

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The Great Awakening: Impact on colonial society

Explain the impact of the great awakening on colonial society.

What are your thoughts of the impact the great awakening cause on social, political, and economical things in the colonies.

Social is the easiest of the three. fitting things in politcal and economical have been more challenging.


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Not exactly sure about political and economic, you'll have to verify.

The Great Awakening caused the split in the Presbyterian church "The Great Schism" which split into the "new lights" and the "old lights" This could certainly bring about political changes. Think about which side the politicians might be on.

Economic... hmm... You could use the universities and colleges that formed as a result of the Great Awakening. Certainly, they provided more jobs as well as educated people to improve the economy.

I hope this helps.. there are about 1000 social impacts... its been a while since I've studied the Great Awakening, but I loved the topic. I looked over a paper I wrote, looking for ideas but I focused on the social impacts as well. Good luck!

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Just a note on the political issue--it opened the door for political dissent, which led to an impact on the Constitution and the First Amendment rights, and it also helped to expand support for the idea of separation of powers, etc.

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what do you all thinmk about it contributing to the separatoin of church and state?
i like trhe idea of the politicians and old/new lights tho.

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I think that since it was a unified movement, some barriers were broke down to a small extent between the colonies.

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