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The Mexican War

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The Mexican War

Yet another DBQ i need help putting together. I'm not very good at this DBQ thing.

The question is: Was it in the National Interest? ( im guessing it meaning was the a majority of the nation for the war)
The time period is in the 1840s. I need help with the information and with my thesis. The documents that he gave me were very confusing. Please help me.

Thank you.

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you could either say that it was in the national interest because it spread the values and way of life on the United States.


you could say that it was not in the national interest because not only did it spread slavery but it divided the country (because Southerners were the prominate in the armys fighting and were forced not to their slaves to certain places)

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Yeah, it is definitely part of National Interest because the U.S. was all hyped up about Manifest Destiny, the countries' right to expand its territory as far as the Pacific Ocean. Also include Popular Soverignty because it plays a big role in the admission of the new states such as Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. If you need any help e-mail me or contact me through AIM: Apfaq I'm online mostly during the evenings.


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Sorry Kenny, but the Mexican Sessions and California were left up to the Compromise of 1850, and therefore were to not become slave states, unless voted by popular sovereighnty. So it was, for the mostpart, in National Interest. It also led to Polk getting the British to sell the Oregon territory (to fufill our manifest destiny!)

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