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Tips for Progressivism DBQ?

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Tips for Progressivism DBQ?

I have a DBQ tomorrow, the topic is "Rooseveltian and Wilsonian Progressivism" and my teacher hinted that we should study a packet that she gave us on "The Jungle."

I don't feel very confident of my understanding of this unit and I was wondering if anyone has ever had this DBQ or if there are some key points that I should review/be able to elaborate on very thoroughly. Thanks!

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I'm having a similar DBQ on the successes and limitations of Progressivism tomorrow in class. My course book is Carnes and Garrety The American Nation 13th edition AP.

Essentially, the idealogical differences between the two presidents in the Election of 1912 were very similar to the political differences of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Roosevelt's Bull Moose ticket (Republican) proclaimed New Nationalism, while Wilson (Democrat) referred to his policies as New Freedom.

On Sinclair's The Jungle, your teacher could be referring to Roosevelt's gains in reform in the meat packing industry and government regulation/FDA inspection of packaged goods sold to the consumer.

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