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After tobacco is planted isn't the soil not as rich? I am using it in an essay about the Chesapeake and I'm sure if it does or not. Thanks :)

Also did the New England area trade with Britain, Europe, the West Indies, the Native Americans of the area, and the Middle / Southern colonies? Please help me :(

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Answer to the first question:

Tobacco robs the soil of nutrients and life-givin' goodness.

second question:

I'm just tooo lazy.

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1st q) Yes, thats why the english needed more and more land, and kicked the indian away.

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2nd question, the Navigations limited trade with all european nations besides England


before the late 1700s a policy of salutary neglect was in place, so the colonies mostly "did what they wanted", so colonies did trade with other nations.

Late 1700s, it was more restricted as friction between colonials and British increased, notably, the Boston Port Act shut down Boston harbor, severely limiting trade.

Hope this helps at all!

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yeah the tobacco wus merely a cash crop and it didnt leave the land very good. the trade question, well u really gotta think about the triangle trade too. the colonists mostly just traded with england, aka mercantilism. then again, new england wus a northern colony so they werent too big on tobacco. uhm, hope this helps some. :D

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