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Traits Nurtured on the American Froniter

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Traits Nurtured on the American Froniter

i need 5 American traits that were nurtured on the American frontier during the 1800s

Chapter 14: Forging the National Economy
The American Pageant

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please help

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Turner Thesis = American development can be explained by the frontier. Sort of a big deal. Pretty much most significant American historian ever. If you asked him, he would say:
1. Self-reliance (like Henry David Thoreau)
2. Social mobility (possibly) = ability to increase social status, unlike in Europe, because there's land for the taking.
3. And possibly some other stuff...been a long time since I've read him.

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There was a strong sense of nationalism and manifest destiny.


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1. Individualism as in Henry David Thoreau
2. Patriotism as in paintings and novels in the American setting.
3. Rights movements as in the Dix case for the treatment of mentally ill.
4. Industrialism as in the growing urban cities in the West.

sorry, can't think of a fifth.

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