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US History Exam for 2007

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US History Exam for 2007

Hey, I know that the AP US History Exam is right around the corner. I was wondering if any of you guys had heard any guesses (maybe from teachers or something) about when they suspect the DBQ essay will come from. I know some teachers try to predict the time period, and was wondering if anybody had heard anything, it would be greatly appreciated!!!! Another question, did anybody else in the world use the book America: A Narrative History I think my teacher is dumb and the only one to use this book. Thanks guys.

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I actually have no clue, however I would like to remind everyone of the 48 hour rule. We do enforce this rule seeing as how we do like this site and would like to make sure it keeps running.

SOOOOOO, no discussing the free response questions until 48 hours after the exam, no discussing the multiple choice until they release it years and years from now.

Anyhow, good luck with the guesses!

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My teacher thinks it might be from from the end of WWI to maybe around the 1970s. He said he talked to other teachers in IL, and that's what most of them think. But it's just a guess.


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I don't think there's any chance they're giving out the time period since they haven't done that in a while now. It's best not to focus all your attention on what you think it might be on though. Flunking the rest of the test will definitely not help your score.

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I heard my teacher say that she heard a whole mass of other teachers guess that it would be on the Progressive Era. She again tells us to avoid focusing on one period of history, but she went as far to advise us to read that period specifically by assigning it to us. The teachers that do attemtpt to figure out what the free response questions are on go into an analysis of past U.S. History exams and look for some form of pattern. So, there is no guarantee whatsoever of anything. The best advice to be given she states is simply study broadly so you can fit everything and then narrow down afterward on what you especially are clueless over.

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A lot of them around here think it will be something about the labor movement.

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To be honest, there's no way to tell what it will be on for sure, so just be well-rounded and you'll be fine.

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I don't mean to sound cold but the best advice I can give was my teacher's today: "I hope you've been reviewing." You'll do fine as long as you study all topics pretty fairly and thoroughly.

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1) "How Progressive were the Progressives"
2) How/Why did the Northern and Southern colonies develop differently (It is the 400th anniversary of landing at Jamestown...)

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