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Writing a research paper about the Vietnam War...any good sites or information would be appreciated

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Joined: Mar 2005

What kind of information? Use the internet, use your library. What is your thesis? In November, I wrote a paper based on the book Going After Cacciato which is a very good book about the Vietnam War. I wrote about how many of the soldiers were disgusted with what they were doing over there and many of them decided to leave.

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To understand the war in Vietnam, you need to understand the history of that country. Unfortunately, you can't learn that in an American school.

I read what I was not taught in school and was shocked at how similiar their fight for freedom was to the US fight for freedom.

The following website is created by the US Army. They paid researchers to get information on every country. This is the Vietnam page.

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i like this site too

USS Maddox and Gulf of Tonkin resolution/incident were major causes

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