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wise and unwise ww2 decisions

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wise and unwise ww2 decisions

im supposed to write 2 seperate papers, one on the wisest decision of world war 2 and the other on the most unwise decision of world war 2. my only problem is i don't know what those decisions are. any ideas would be great.

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well it depends on how u support it because either of ther following could be wise or unwise ---------for wise the dropping of the atomic bomb was wise becasue it won the war against japan and stopped the threat and spread of communism by russia.(there is a lot of support stuff on the web just search for it)
---------the unwise-------- the US did not involve russia in the fight against japan which caused for some bitter relations and was the basis for the whole COLD WAR ERA (again ther is support for this being wise) but there could be support found that this was unwise. go to deatails about how not including russia in helping to win the war was unwise by stating stuff like the cold war almost caused a nuke war between US and Soviets and how if Russia was alowwed to participate in the war against japan it would have less bitter relations with the US afterwards. sooooooooooo i hope that kinda helps peace

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