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AP world History

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AP world History

Hey, which ap world textbook are you using??

and which one is better World Civilizations: The Global Experience 4th Edition or The Earth and Its Peoples, Fourth Edition textbook ??

Thank you:)

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we use the earth and its peoples but its the second edition, i think it's alright; it's pretty easy to follow because of the way it's set up but then again i don't know if world civilizations is set up like it also. so yeah sorry if i'm not much help.

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World Civilizations, The Global Experience.

Fourth Edition.

I don't know which is better though...that's just the one we use.

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i use the earth and its peoples 2nd edition. i think its a pretty awesome book, lengthy as hell, but i've learned alotta stuff out of that thing. plus if your teacher bases his tests off the book, if you have a good memory then just read the chapter twice and your set.

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Here is the question and I would really appreciate is if someone can lend me a hand.

Complete a chart explaining the financing, motivation for founding, political and economic organization of each area: (a) New England colonies, (b) middle colonies and (c) southern colonies. Include on the chart the names of the colonies in each category, whether they were "joint stock", "Royal" or "Charter": economic base (how people earned a living), labor source ( free, slaves or families), and native origins of the settlers.

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my class uses The Global Experience AP Edition- 5th Edition...
it's an ok textbook...can get too detaily at times...but if u take time to read it and look over outlines available online, you'll do fine..

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