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We are having a graded discussion and I'm looking for some ideas. I have some of my own, but I could use some more.

The first question is: Which is more likely to cause change, the movement of poeple through migration/nomadism, or the development of cities? Do different types of change come about as a result of each?
The second question is: Compare the economic changes that occured during the European Renaissance with the economic changes that occurred in China during the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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The later is correct, no doubt. Urbanization brings together many cultures, cultures clash. Without urbanization the industrial revolution never could have happened. As a result of cities, and industrialization, greater class inequality formed, thus Socialist ideas proliferate.

Migration doesn't do any of those.

Part 2: You're on your own, i don't know squat about the Chinese History

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We had one of those.

I hate them.

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for part 2, the renaissance was a period of creation in europe and during song and tang china they had a similar thing going on because during the song dynasty especially they went from previous buddhism to confucianism, then they also invented many new types of inventions such as gunpowder.

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