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World History Comparison/CCOT Essays!

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World History Comparison/CCOT Essays!

Ok I usually study really hard for my tests, using this helpful site, the outline, and the book of course. I've even made up sample essays and given them to my teacher so that he can grade them and tell me what to improve on. I always check the AP WH packet he gave us which lists examples of essays that might be on the test. I study and research these, but usually they never end up on the test! And that really frustrates me because it's always like that; the topics that I think should be on the test are never there, and then I don't do as well as I hope on the test. Where can I get another list, perhaps more extended, of topics over which the essays might be? I've looked at this one and other sites, and my outline, and still I don't know where he pulls out his topics from! PLEASE help!! I get so stressed and my brain practically becomes fried after his weeklong test; I actually even had an emotional breakdown and cried because he didn't put the topics I stayed up really late studying for on the test! I'm losing so much sleep over this test, it's not even funny! Please give me any tips, they will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I know, it's tough...there's so much to know!
I would think that the examples for essays are samples so you get an idea of what kind of questions you might see, not ones that you will actually see. Also look at previous essays to get an idea of the kinds of things he asks. Look at those samples-what are they asking and why? World history is about a broader scale than, say, Euro. or APUSH. If the title is "The Age of Revolution" and that's what your test is on, there's a good chance that the essay will ask you to compare (maybe the revolutions) or trace the changes/factors leading up and through the revolutions.

My teacher told me to do this: if you were a teacher and wanted to know if your students knew the chapter, what would you ask?

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thank you so much I really appreciate it! I finally finished his test today and I feel like I can finally breathe again! thanks for the tips, I hope they help me on the next test! :D

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oh awesome, glad you did good!
if you ever need help for the AP test though, get the APWH exam review book by princeton review and Kaplan. those have tons of stuff in them.

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omg...i'm getting scared now...what if my teacher starts to do this? :(
i have an essay test on monday also....on comparing development of spanish empire and russian empire....any writing tips guyz?

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