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  • Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons Practice Worksheet

    Fill in the blanks in the following worksheet. Please keep in mind that the isotope represented by each space may NOT be the most common isotope or the one closest in atomic mass to the value on the periodic table.





  • Curriculum and Instruction ? Mathematics
    Quarter 1 Geometry

    Geometry: Year at a Glance

    2018 - 2019

    Aug. 6 ? Oct. 5

    Oct. 16 - Dec. 19

    Jan. 7 ? Mar. 8

  • Permutations and Combinations Worksheet
    I am ________________________________
    Today is______________________in_____
    Evaluate each permutation or combination:
    1. 7P3 =210 2. 7P4 = 5040 3. 7P7 = 5040 4. 8C3 = 56 5. 8C5 ? 7C3 = 1960 6. 7C2 = 21

  • Independent and Dependent Events

    For problems #1-6, determine whether the events are independent or dependent.
    Jeremy took the SAT on Saturday and scored 1950. The following week he took the ACT and scored 23.

    Alita?s basketball team is in the final four. If they win, they will play in the championship game.

  • Kristyn Delgado
    Pd. 5
    Slogan:Where dreams come true
    If you are at a Disney park, then your dreams will come true.
    If your dreams come true, then you are at a Disney park.
    If you are not at a Disney park, then your dreams will not come true.

  • Name:_________________________________________Date:___________________________Period:_________
    13.2/13.5 Mixed Practice
    Mixed Probability Practice

    Determine whether the events are independent or dependent. Then find the probability.
    A king is drawn from a deck of 52 cards, then a coin is tossed and lands heads up.

  • Name _________________________________________________ Date ___________
    Statistics & Probability Ms. Parent

    Permutations & Combinations

    Evaluate each permutation or combination (you must show the set up):

    7P3 2. 7P4 3. 7P7 4. 8C3 5. 8C5 7C3 6. 7C2

    Find the number of possibilities or combinations (you must show the set up).

  • Name:_________________________________________Date:___________________________Period:_________
    Section 13-2 Practice
    Probability with Permutations

  • Geometry

    Review Booklet

  • Text automatically extracted from attachment below. Please download attachment to view properly formatted document.---Extracted text from uploads/geometry/document2.docx---

  • 1 atm = 1.01 x105 Pa = 1.01 bar = 760 torr

    1 L atm = 101.3 J

    R = 0.08206 L?atm/mol?K = 8.314 J/mol?K
    h = 6.626 x10-34 J?s
    c = 2.998 x108 m/s
    NA = 6.022 x1023 mol-1

    Specific Heat Capacities Heat of Fusion (?Hfus) Heat of Vaporization

  • AP?English??

    The?Great?Gatsby?Summer?Journal?Assignment? ?????Joshua?Cho?






  • ?
    Chapter:?5?? Name:??Noah?Ma?&?Joshua?Cho??





  • ????


    ??????? ?

    ???????????????? ??? ??????

    ???????????????? ?? ???

    ? ??? ? ??????????????????????????????????????
    ? ?? ? ????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Property[edit]
    An inscribed angle is said to intersect an arc on the circle. The arc is the portion of the circle that is in the interior of the angle. The measure of the intercepted arc (equal to its central angle) is exactly twice the measure of the inscribed angle.

Subject X2: 

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