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Tariffs (through 1846) and Politics in the 1840s

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Tariffs (through 1846) and Politics in the 1840s Tariff Rates (1816-1846) 1816 (25%)- 1st truly protective tariff in history of country, part of Clay’s American System 1828 (45-50%)- Tariff of Abominations, election trick pushed through by Jackson supporters in Congress to blame John Quincy Adams for the high rate, causes the nullification crisis 1832 (35-40%)- 1st compromise tariff to settle nullification crisis, South still not satisfied 1833 (25%)- Henry Clay’s famous compromise to defuse the nullification crisis, Force Bill/Bloody Bill attached to the passage of this tariff 1842 (32%)- passed under Tyler administration, actually favors south because rate kept relatively low even though there were calls for a much higher rate
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