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mnemonic devices for geometry!

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Value Of Pi (π) Count the number of letters in each word: Pi (π) to 7 decimal places: (Word lengths are digits) May I have a large container of coffee? 3.1415926 Pi (π) to 10 decimal places: (Word lengths are digits) May I have a large container of coffee ready for today? 3.1415926535 Pi (π) to 12 decimal places: (Word lengths are digits) See, I have a rhyme assisting my feeble brain, its tasks oft-times resisting. 3.141592653589 Pi (π) to 30 decimal places: (Word lengths are digits) Now I, even I, would celebrate In rhymes unapt, the great Immortal Syracusan, rivaled nevermore, Who in his wondrous lore, Passed on before, Left men his guidance How to circles mensurate. and another one also to 30 decimal places (written by Michael Shapiro)
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