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Hydrogen peroxide

Chemistry of Oxygen

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The Chemistry of Oxygen: Basic and Acidic Oxides and the Periodic Table Pre Lab Report The objective of the experiment will be to perform and to observe the reactions of oxygen with several metallic and nonmetallic elements. We will determine whether these oxides behave as an acid or a base in aqueous solutions. We will perform this experiment by decomposing hydrogen peroxide by using a catalyst. We will burn certain elements inside a vessel that will be used to capture the oxygen decomposed by the H2O2 and then capture the contents. Once we captured the oxides, a small amount of water will be added so that a universal indicator will be used to determine their acidity.

Chemical Symbols to Know

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Chemical Symbols to Know SO2- Sulfur Dioxide (burning coal) NO- Nitric Oxide NH3- Ammonia H2O2- Hydrogen Peroxide H2SO4- Sulfuric Acid NO2- Nitrogen Dioxide CO2- Carbon Dioxide (#1 greenhouse gas) CO- Carbon Monoxide HNO3- Nitric Acid N2O- Nitrous Oxide O3- Ozone (NH4)SO4- Ammonium Sulfate SO3- Sulfur Trioxide CFCs- Chloroflorocarbons CH4- Methane (greenhouse gas)
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