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Zoroastrianism Powerpoint

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Zoroastrianism John Dudash Robby Statler A4 Founding Founder: Zarathustra of Persia Around 6000 B.C.E. Fought local aboriginal religions Zoroastrianism won king's favor Quick Facts Monotheistic (Possibly first ever) God: Ahura Mazda, Supreme Holy book: Avesta, 5 poems Gathas(Poems) promote worship/principles Principles Gathas promote personal good/evil choice Based around righteousness Belief in cosmic order Asha = Law of righteousness Death Heaven/Hell Ahura Mazda ? God. Angra Mainyu ? Satan All will be purified eventually (including hell) 3 days meditation after death Conflict causing spread Muslim Arabs invade Persia (650 B.C.E.) Persians flee to India Spread Zoroastrianism India presently has most practitioners Cities
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