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nominativus endings for latin

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Nominativus Sing Plural M r/us I F A Ae N Um A Accusativus Sing Plural M Um Os F Am As N Um A Dativus Sing Plural M O Is F Ae Is N O Is Ablativus Sing Plural M O Is F A Is N O is Genitivus Sing Plural M I Orum F Ae Arum N I Orum
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Epic of Gilgamesh Summary

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The Epic of Gilgamesh ?I. Paragraph 1 - Introduction 1- Summary: Two sentence summary of document. The ?Epic of Gilgamesh? as translated by Maureen Kovacs, is an ancient Sumerian poem written in cuneiform from the Akkadian language about King Gilgamesh of Uruk and his search for immortality.? 2- What: Describe the purpose of the document? The author's purpose was to put in writing many stories and myths about Gilgamesh which had been handed down verbally, and in doing so, created for us, the oldest known document giving us a look into Sumerian culture? 3- Where: Where was the document created? The story was created in Sumeria as a combination of 5 earlier stories about Gilgamesh who was an actual person who lived around 2800 BCE and was a king and ruler of Uruk
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