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Christianity in China

Some Brief Notes about the Taiping Rebellion

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Taiping Rebellion (1851-1864)  Civil war caused by social unhappiness and foreign intrusion o Originated in Guangxi o Unstable agriculture; ethnic division o Hakkas were a minority group that held low status jobs  Hong Xiuquan (Shee-OH-chew-an) o Poor Hakka background o Failed Confucian exams repeatedly o Influenced by Protestant missionaries; starts religious movement  Believed he was younger brother of Jesus; sent to drive out Manchu  Taiping Movement o Community of believers = “walk on air”; trances; Manchus were Satanic; o Begin to enlarge their domain and gain more followers o Forced captured villages to join movement; organized work and military teams; banned foot binding; used women soldiers o Expansion  Begin moving east and north
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