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Chemistry Chp. 10 Review

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Holt Modern Chemistry Review CHAPTER 10: STATES OF MATTER The following pages contain the bulk (but not all) of the information for the chapter 10 test. Focus on this content, but make sure to review class notes, activities, handouts, questions, etc. If you study this document and NOTHING else, you should at least be able to PASS the test. ***** Test items will be recall, examples, and/or application of this content. ***** OUTCOMES Collaborate with peer(s) to understand chemistry content (C C) Communicate chemistry content to teacher and peer(s) (E C) 10.1-10.3: Differentiate between intermolecular forces of solid, liquids, and gases (F & PK) 10.4: Interpret phase diagrams and determine the triple point (T & R) 10.1: THE KINETIC-MOLECULAR THEORY OF MATTER Vocabulary

Holt Earth Science Chapter 18, Section 18.1

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Water?s Changes of State Water exists in all 3 states of matter and is made of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. In all 3 stages of matter, these molecules are in constant motion (higher temperature: more movement). Difference between 3 states is the arrangement of the water molecules. A. Ice, Liquid Water, and Water Vapor Ice is made of water molecules held together by mutual molecular attractions.They form a tight, orderly network and don?t move - they vibrate in a fixed position. When ice is heated, the molecules vibrate more, and when the rate of movement increases enough, the bonds between the molecules break, resulting in melting In the liquid state, the molecules are still tightly packed but move fast enough to slide past each other (this causes liquid water to be fluid)
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