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Law of definite proportions

Evolution of the Atomic Theory

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Evolution of the Atomic Theory Democritus and Leucippus 442 BC Stated that: Between atoms lies empty space Atoms are indestructible Atoms have always been and always will be in motion Atoms differ in shape and size ?The more any indivisible exceeds, the heavier it is.? Aristotle 355 BC Came up with the idea that everything was made up of earth, air, fire, and/or water. Antoine Lavoisier 1785 Discovered the Law of Conservation of Mass J. L. Proust 1794 Discovered the law of definite proportions Thomas Young 1801 - 1817 Proved Isaac Newton?s theory, that light is a wave of particles, incorrect and discovered how there was a variation in rays of light due to the size of wavelengths John Dalton 1803 Came up with his own atomic theory that said:
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