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A list of important terms and helpful questions for the american pageant chapters 23-27

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Unit VI Terms and Important Ideas Terms Chapter 23 Ulysess S. Grant Thomas Nast Roscoe Conkling Rutherford B. Hayes James A. Garfield Chester A. Arthur Grover Cleveland Benjamin Harrison William McKinley William Jennings Bryan J.P. Morgan Soft/cheap money Hard/sound money Gilded Age Spoils system Populism Grandfather clause Tweed Ring Credit Mobilier Stalwart Half-Breed Pendelton Act Mugwumps Plessy v. Ferguson Jim Crow Chinese Exclusion Act Chapter 24 Leland Stanford Cornelius Vanderbilt Alexander Graham Bell Thomas Edison John D. Rockefeller J. Pierpoint Morgan Samuel Gompers Pool Vertical integration Horizontal integration Trust Trust-busting Grange Bessemer Process Wabash case United States Steel Gospel of wealth Sherman Act Interstate Commerce Commission Haymarket Riot AFL
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