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Venustiano Carranza

Important terms and Ideas from an american pageant chapters 28-32

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Unit VII Terms and Important Ideas Terms Chapter 28 Jacob Riis Lincoln Steffens Theodore Dreiser Ida Tarbell Robert La Follette Florence Kelley Upton Sinclair John Muir Initiative Referendum Recall Muckrakers 17th Amendment 18th Amendment Elkins Act Hepburn Act Muller v. Oregon Triangle Shirtwaist fire The Jungle Dollar diplomacy New Nationalism Chapter 29 Woodrow Wilson Victoriano Huerta Venustiano Carranza Pancho Villa John J. Pershing New Freedom Underwood Tariff 16th Amendment Federal Reserve Act Clayton Act Central Powers Allies Lusitania Sussex Chapter 30 George Creel Bernard Baruch Herbert Hoover Henry Cabot Lodge Warren G. Harding Self-determination ?normalcy? Zimmerman note Fourteen Points League of Nations Committee on Public Information Espionage and Sedition Acts
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