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Byzantine–Ottoman wars

WHAP Ch 19 quiz with answers

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Chapter 19 Pre-Test 1. The longest-lasting post-Mongol Muslim Empire was the: a. Safavid Empire b. Mughal Empire c. Sasanid Empire d. Ottoman Empire 2. Why did the Ottoman Empire grow from a small state to a powerful empire? a. the shrewdness of Osman and his descendants b. Control of Gallipoli, the strategic link between Asia and Europe c. an army that combined Turkish cavalry with new gunpowder technology d. all of the above 3. Sultan Mehmed II?s nickname was the: a. Conqueror b. Lame (Timur) c. Thunderbolt (Bayazid I) d. Inexorable (Selim I) 4. The fall of Constantinople brought the end to: a. Roman rule b. Byzantine rule c. Ottoman rule d. Egyptian rule 5. The sultan who presided over the greatest Ottoman assault on Christian Europe was: a. Sultan Mehmed II b. Mansa Musa
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