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Ögedei Khan

AP World History - The Earth and It's Peoples - Chapter 14-15 Outline

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Julia Leno Dr. Connellan ? 6 AP World History 24 November 2012 Chapter 14-15 Outline Great Khan Ogodei told his Confucian advisor that he planned to turn the heavily populated North China Plain into a pasture for livestock. Yelu (advisor) argued that taxing the existing cities and villages would bring greater wealth but the Khan took the gentler approach although the tax system he instituted was not the fixed-rate method traditional to China but the oppressive tax farming already in use in the Il-khan empires in the Middle East. Benefits of oppressive tax farming: Trade Science Technology Transportation Communication The Mongols also forced exchange of experts and advisers between eastern and western Eurasia. This led to the rapid spread of information, ideas and skills.
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