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Lord of the Flies Quotes and Literary Devices

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First Section ? ?Interesting / Valuable Quotes? Chapter 2 page 18: ?A fire! Make a fire!? At once half the boys were on their feet. Jack clamored among them, the conch forgotten. The boys are longing to be saved and to get off the island. They would do whatever to get help. When the idea of the fire as a signal for passing by ships to notice them was suggested, they got energetic and were eager to build the fire on top of the mountain. They want to return to their old lives so they all agree on taking part in the fire even when not all the boys knew each other. Even the conch, the most valuable thing to them was forgotten at the moments. As the story goes on, the boys maintain the fire and I also realized that the fire is their hope. Chapter 5 page 82:
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