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American Pageant Chapter 29 Notes

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Chapter Title: Chapter 29 Wilsonian Progressivism at Home and Abroad (due by 12/13) Subheading BIG IDEA QUESTION (think broad and thematic, not narrow) SUPPORTING DETAILS (use phrases) The Bull Moose Campaign of 1912 Were the populace happy with the election results? Wilson runs on New Freedom Platform Roosevelt runs on passion for aggression, and wants Progressive Ideas Taft and TR fight causes Demo win with split Repubs TR wants social reform, no big biz WW wants small biz, pure capitalism, mainly economics Woodrow Wilson: A Minority Candidate Is this the end for the republican party (Of this era)? Progressivism is what people want Socialists barely in election, but more than before Repubs out of politics for 6-8 years
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