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Huey Long

US History II Finals Guide

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1 6/16/2009, 6/17/2009 U.S. History II Final Study Guide Question-and-Answer 1. What were three causes of the Great Depression? a. Stock market crash b. Uneven distribution of wealth c. High tariffs and other disruptions of world trade 2. What three things did Hoover do to try to end the depression? a. Gave tax cuts b. Higher tariffs c. A limited program of public works 3. What does the stock market ?crash? refer to? a. The huge drop in the value of stocks 4. What is the chronological order of the presidential administrations of the 1920?s and 1930?s? a. Harding b. Coolidge c. Hoover d. Roosevelt 5. What were three effects of the Great Depression? a. Millions unemployed b. Malnutrition in children c. Fewer marriages
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