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AP World History Chapter 16 - Stearns textbook

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The Americas on the Eve of Invasion Introduction By 1500, Americas densely populated by Indians ? misnomer ? Columbus/Indies Term has meaning only when used to apply to non-Indians Mesoamerica and Andean heartland Imperial states in place when Europe arrives Few areas influenced by two main centers Areas that developed independently Postclassic Mesoamerica Introduction Toltecs/Aztecs replace Mayas of 8th century CE By 15th century Aztecs created extensive empire ? war, religion, agrarian Downfall of Mayans ? Teotihuacan Nomads from North come down Toltec Culture ? 968 established capital Tula Sedentary/agrarian peoples with militaristic ethic Cult of sacrifice/war Aztecs saw Toltecs as givers of civilization The Toltec Heritage
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