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broken spears

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Aztec Account: Broken Spears Discussion Questions: 1. What occurred at the cities of Cholula and Tlaxcala as the Spaniards began their marchinland? What was different about events that took place at Cholula vs. Tlaxcala? 2. What was the Aztecs reaction to the Spaniards quest for gold? Why did Tzihuacpopocatzin pretend to be Motecuhzoma? What was the significance of the appearance of Tezcatlipoca? What did he say? 3. What occurred as the Spaniards continued their march toward Texcoco? How were they greated by the people of Texcoco? Who is Ixtlilxochitl? What was his reaction to the Spanish, his mothers reaction? What did Motecuhzoma do on hearing about what occurred at Texcoco?
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