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Iron Act

Early colonies of America notes 2

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?PAGE ? ?PAGE ?2? Ch. 3-5 Notes ? Colony Notes Outline #2 The Bonds of Empire: 1660-1750 The Dominion of New England -1684- King revokes Bay Colony charter WHY? -crown wanted to rule w/o Puritan influence -Mass. was ignoring Navigation Acts (they were smuggling) -get rid of Representative Assemblies -wanted military men to be Governors (strong military rule) -king had been told by ?fact finders? to the colonies that the Puritans weren?t popular in Mass. WHAT MADE PURITANS UNPOPULAR? YOU HAD TO BE A PURITAN SAINT WHO HAD A CONVERSION EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<<< Sir Edmond Andros -Governor appointed by King -What Andros did? -levied taxes -no land before the Domination was recognized -land owners forced to agree to quitrents -enforced Navigation Acts
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