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Pottery of ancient Greece

AP Art History Chp. 1 test

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Mr. Carruthers Storm King School AP Art History- Test #1 Chps 1 & 2 Name _______________________________________________________________ There are 20 Multiple Choice questions worth 3 pts. each. Please circle the correct answer. ? 1. This Gate contains guardian images of lamassus horses lions bulls This work is part of the Hittite Gate Step Pyramid Pergamon Altar Ishtar Gate 3. Which of the following civilizations specialized in relief sculptures of kings hunting lions? Egypt Persia India Assyria ? 4. Greek Pots such as these functioned primarily as grave markers drinking cups a vessel for mixing water and wine storage vessels ? 5. This capital is from which of the following orders? Doric Ionic Corinthian Tuscan 6. Cylinder Seals are most commonly found in ancient Rome
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