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Payne–Aldrich Tariff Act

Tariffs to remember for apush exam

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U.S. History and Tariffs Tariff of 1816 ? designed to defend U.S. business from Britain ? created by nationalist Congress ? 20 to 25% tax on imports ? Calhoun supports Tariff to help Southern manufacturing ? Daniel Webster opposes tariff due to shipping priority over manufacturing Tariff of 1824 ? 35% tax on imports Tariff of 1828 ? The ?abominable? tariff angered South Carolinians ? majority southern ?nullies? tried to nullify it in South Carolina ? minority unionists blocked the ?nullies? Tariff of 1832 ? lessened some of the worst abominations of Tariff of 1828 ? reduced rate of 1828 tariff by 10% ? special state convention in South Carolina declares the tariff null in that state ? President Jackson opposes the ?nullies? and Calhoun.
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