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The Second World War

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Kinberg, Nicholas Michael Chakmakian AP European History 2 June 2015 Chapter 16 Outline WW2 9/1939, Euro was consumed by world war Trigged by threats to balance of power Hitler castconflict as racial war against democracy/communism Believed they were def?ing. Way of life/justice Hi-speed. War (Blitzkrieg), air carriers, submarines changed scope of fighting Killing was aimed at civilians; cities were destroyed by artillery/aerial bombing Nazis? murder of gypsies, homos, ?deviants,? Jews, made WW2 unique US? use of atom bomb; belligerents? will to win grew as war went on Was cast of war of absolutes, good/evil, survival Causes of War: Unsettled Quarrels, Econ. Fallout, Nat?l?ism
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