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Audiencia Real

Traditions and Encounters Chapter 25 Test Bank

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CHAPTER 25 TEST QUESTIONS MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Do?a Marina was a. the first viceroy of the Spanish colonies in the Americas. b. the leading Spanish banker who funded exploration. c. the Portuguese explorer who first sighted Australia. d. a Mexican woman who aided Cort?s in his conquest of the Aztecs. * e. the nautical term for the dominant westerly wind that made voyages to the Americas faster. (p. 665) 2. When the Spanish invaded the Aztec empire, a. the subject tribes of the empire remained faithful to the Aztecs. b. the subject tribes fled south for Inca protection. c. they were emboldened by their previous easy conquest of the Inca. d. they were interested in gaining control of tobacco as a profitable cash crop.
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