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Pope Innocent III

Western Europe during the High Middle Ages

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Kinberg, Nicholas Michael Chakmakian AP World History 2 August 2015 Chapter 20 Outline West Euro during Hi. Middle 1260, 2 brothers Niccolo/Maffeo Polo traveled from Venice toConstantinople Were jewel merchants, while in Constantinople, went east Went to Soldaia, modern Sudak, near Caffa on Black Sea, then to trading cities Sarai/Bulghar on Volga River War broke/prevented them from returning, joined caravan east Spent 3 yrs. Incentral Asian trading city Bokhara, received invitation to join diplo. Embassy going to court of Khubilai Khan Traveled by caravan, khan received them/inquired about land, rulers, religion Khubilai wanted to learn about Catholicism, wanted to maintain harmony in empire Asked them to return to Euro/request pope to send theo?s.
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