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Grand Duchy of Moscow

The Russian Empire in Europe and Asia

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Kinberg, Nicholas Michael Chakmakian AP World History 13 August 2015 Chapter 28 Outline Russian Empire in Euro/Asia 1681, Tsar Fedor II ordered holy man Avvakum burned at stake Markedreversal of fortune for priest who was advisor of Fedor?s father Avvakum refored Orthodoxy, came to Russia in 10thfrom Byzantine, became suspicious of efforts to reform Orthodox with Greek biblical/liturgical texts Broke with colleagues over liturgy/ritual/charged opponents rep?d. Antichrist Exiled to Siberia, attracted followers/charged Orthodoxy was corrupt 1650, 40 groups of devout boarded boats/killed themselves by setting ships ablaze as they sailed Russian rivers; religious dissidents were 20% of pop., threatened tsar
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