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Industrial history of the United States

The Making of Industrial Society

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Kinberg, Nicholas Michael Chakmakian AP World History 16 August 2015 Chapter 30 Outline Making of Industrial Society 1827, after marrying at 23, Betty Harris took job as drawer in coalpit near Manchester, England; involved crawling down mine/hauling coal from bottom Coal went to fuel steam engines that powered factories/mills Wore belt around waist; hitched to it was chain that passed between legs/attached to coal cart that she pulledthru mine; belt strained body, mine shafts were slippery Started work at 6 AM, shift was 12 hrs. Worked in coal pit with 6 women/6 boys/girls; men in shafts didn?t treat women well Belts/chains chafed skin, miners beat/raped them 1-hr. break for midday meal of bread/butter, tried to discourage husband?s advances
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