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Far-right politics

An Age of Anxiety

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Kinberg, Nicholas Michael Chakmakian AP World History 23 August 2015 Chapter 35 Outline Anxiety Born in 1889, Adolf Hitler loved his mother Klara, bristled at father Alois? demands forhim to enter Austrian civil service; wanted to be artist; school grades slipped Alois died in 1903, freed Hitler; left school in 1905, became artist Followed ambitions in Vienna, Vienna Academy of Fine Arts rejected him as art student in 1907; Klara diedin 1908, lived off pension/$ inherited from mother Admired architecture of city/attended opera; enjoyed music of Richard Wagner, embrace of heroic German myth matched his own predilections Studied at homeless shelter; shelter discussed race, listened to those who hailed supremacy of Aryan race/inferiority of Jews
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