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YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT!! ? Africa?s Size Second largest continent ? 11,700,000 sq. mi. 2 ? times the size of the U. S. 5 4 6 0 0 M I The Mighty Nile River:?Longest River in the World? The Congo River Basin Covers 12% of thecontinent. Extends over 9countries. 2,720 miles long. 99% of the countryof Zaire is in theCongo River basin. The Niger River Basin Covers 7.5% of the continent. Extends over 10 countries. 2,600 miles long. The Sahara Desert The Sahel Africa:The?Tropical?Continent Tropic of Cancer 20? N Tropic of Capricorn20? S Equator 0? Vegetation Zones The African Savannah:13 million sq. mi. African Rain Forest Annual rainfall of up to 17 ft. Rapid decomposition (very humid). Covers 37 countries. 15% of the land surface of Africa. The Complete Topography Of AFRICA
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