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Law of mass action

AP Chemistry Zumdahl 7E Chapter 13 Notes

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1 Chapter 13 - Chemical Equilibrium Intro A. Chemical Equilibrium 1. The state where the concentrations of all reactants and products remain constant with time 2. All reactions carried out in a closed vessel will reach equilibrium a. If little product is formed, equilibrium lies far to the left b. If little reactant remains, equilibrium lies far to the right 13.1 The Equilibrium Condition A. Static Equilibrium does not occur in chemical systems 1. No reaction is taking place 2. All product molecules will remain product 3. All unused reactant molecules will remain unreacted B. Dynamic Equilibrium 1. Reactions continue to take place 2. Reactant molecules continue to be converted to product 3. Product continues to be converted to reactant (reverse reaction)
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