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Great Plague of London

The Calamitous Century- The Black Death

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Week 14: The Calamitous Century- The Black Death #whatsgoingonindatmanshead? Tying Up Loose Ends Vikings traded and raided throughout Europe, especially in Britain and Ireland 5th century: Romans left England when the Angles and Saxons invaded the country by boat and began terrorizing Roman settlements Vikings raided shortly after that Feudalism developed in response to the raids Anglo-Saxons settled on manors and served lords and kingdoms Many kingdoms (e.g. Kent, Wessex, and Essex) Fell one by one to the Viking invaders Only Wessex kings held the line Because they fought the Vikings at sea rather than on land like everyone else did Succeeded for the most part France: Vikings plundered and created settlements I.e. Normandy Created a Norman culture in that region #goOU2.0
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